The Year of Color(ed Hair)

I recently got my hair done. This may seem very routine and, frankly, boring, but for me it was a big deal. Why? Because getting my hair done meant repairing a complete disaster I brought upon my hair… and changing my hair color to the most drastic change in appearance I’d executed in the past year: going purple.

Photo on 4-25-13 at 3.51 PM #2This is my natural hair color. I guess the best way to describe it is “bronde”. 

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Link Drop: 15/3/15

1. Princess rap battle. Need I say more?

2. Planning on a cross-country road trip? Here’s the best one to go on, according to science. Seriously.

3. In case of boredom, Family Feud Google-style is now available. (And it’s harder than it looks).

4. As someone who always finds an excuse to miss a workout, here’s some desk yoga for you fellow procrastinators out there.

5. These shots from Paris Fashion Week prove Derek and Hansel are back and better than ever.

6. I love this idea for a Grand Budapest Hotel-styled home.

7. Want some daily inspiration? TIME has got you covered for ways to improve your life, every day.

8. Watch Iron Man help a brilliant student improve a little boy’s life with a bionic arm.

9. Fun ideas of things to do before settling down (I’m working on my list now!)


Post-Winter Shopping is Coming

In the wake of the recent snowstorm that hit the city, I’ve been thinking about online shopping a lot (because that appears to be the next logical step in my thought process after “snowed in”). In my ongoing effort to start furnishing my apartment with investment pieces, I want to show y’all some of the pieces I’ve bought and some I hope to decorate with in the future. After all, there are bunches of sales on right now, and if the weather is telling me anything, it’s to prepare for the post-winter future. (Maybe this is my odd, expensive form of hibernation?)

So here are some things I’ve found to help get myself in gear for spring. especially now that we’ve already sprung forward. (Details after the break).

Spring Forward

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Spotlight: Melanie Gowen Design

Recently, I did a photo shoot for my wonderful friend, Melanie. She’s currently working on getting her business up and running, and if there’s anyone in the Nantucket area looking for a cheerful, carrying and talented interior designer, she’s definitely your woman. I want to share with y’all a few photos from her staging shoot. It was taken in a friend’s house, implementing key pieces of Melanie’s own style with those of the owner.

Here’s to you, Melanie– keep doing you and making everything around you beautiful!

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Link Drop: 8/3/15

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because things have been so crazy (wedding prep, concert going, job searching, generally trying to have a life, etc), but I have found in the process a plethora of fun things around the internet to help y’all get through the moments of boredom and/or frustration in your lives.

1. In case you needed more proof that cats love boxes, look no further.

2. Looking for a city to find a new, safe start? Here’s a list of the safest cities in the world.

3. Meditation is calming, centering and helps you live longer. So why not start now? (I know I’m ready!)

4. I have mad respect for people who learn English as a secondary or tertiary language. Because let’s face it: English is weird.

5. Meet perhaps the coolest pair of twins in the world. (Or at least, one of the most unique).

6. One of my favorite photographer’s studio is officially now my ultimate interior inspiration.

7. Wherever you’re flying next, keep in mind which airlines have the coolest travel amenity kits. (I vouch for Air NZ personally, as I’m the proud owner of several of those kits!)

8. Need motivation? Here’s a guide to help you.

9. Have you ever gotten out of the shower to find cows wandering around your house? This woman did.

10. In case you were wondering, this kid has won the bat mitzvah invitation game.

Also, happy International Women’s Day! But don’t forget– we’re not there yet.