Link Drop: 8/3/15

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because things have been so crazy (wedding prep, concert going, job searching, generally trying to have a life, etc), but I have found in the process a plethora of fun things around the internet to help y’all get through the moments of boredom and/or frustration in your lives.

1. In case you needed more proof that cats love boxes, look no further.

2. Looking for a city to find a new, safe start? Here’s a list of the safest cities in the world.

3. Meditation is calming, centering and helps you live longer. So why not start now? (I know I’m ready!)

4. I have mad respect for people who learn English as a secondary or tertiary language. Because let’s face it: English is weird.

5. Meet perhaps the coolest pair of twins in the world. (Or at least, one of the most unique).

6. One of my favorite photographer’s studio is officially now my ultimate interior inspiration.

7. Wherever you’re flying next, keep in mind which airlines have the coolest travel amenity kits. (I vouch for Air NZ personally, as I’m the proud owner of several of those kits!)

8. Need motivation? Here’s a guide to help you.

9. Have you ever gotten out of the shower to find cows wandering around your house? This woman did.

10. In case you were wondering, this kid has won the bat mitzvah invitation game.

Also, happy International Women’s Day! But don’t forget– we’re not there yet.

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