Valentine’s Day

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. On one hand, I think it’s a ploy used to sell cards and chocolate and an appropriation of a saint who really had no relation to what we consider Valentine’s to stand for today. On the other, it’s a time to recognize the importance of reminding yourself that you do deserve love–both from others and from yourself.

I plan on spending it as Galentine’s Day with my sister and my SO, Netflix, but I want to remind both myself and others that Valentine’s Day is as much about celebrating yourself as it is celebrating a relationship. This may partially come from the vague cynicism I get from being single around this time of year, but also from a deep-seated belief that Valentine’s Day should not just celebrate couples. So, in keeping with the Parks & Rec inspiration, I’m going to dub it “Treat Yo’self Day”.

Disregarding relationship status, why not celebrate yourself? Or, better yet, treat yo’self? I know I will be.

Valentine's Day
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Weekly Link Love

It’s been ages since I’ve done this, so I have a LOT of links saved up for this, but I’ll keep this short and sweet. Here are some awesome, helpful and wacky things I’ve found around the internet this week.

1. Who needs an SO for Valentine’s Day when I can make this beautiful cake instead?

2. Police want to arrest the titular groundhog of Groundhog Day for the snowstorms.

3. With winter still going strong, these animals experiencing snow for the first time will help warm you up. (My favorite’s #2).

4. I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out that I have plenty of options for my future.

5. Take a step into the past by looking at the music of your life.

6. I never have loved organizing my life as much as I do now.

A New Record

….or ten. I just bought myself a record player (for the first time), which finally arrived yesterday. I don’t know what exactly drove my decision to get one other than a sense of nostalgia that’s come over me recently, but regardless, I’m now the proud owner of my first record player. I decided to start with a cheaper one, partially because it’s gorgeous, portable and it’s the first one I fell in love with– as well as being affordable for a postgrad without a job and with plans to move.


Audiophiles and lovers of vinyl, forgive me for not knowing what I’m really talking about (yet). I’m new at this.

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Cathedral Fashion

A good friend of mine, Trevor Klatko, is a fantastic travel & fashion photographer. He came to visit last month and we had some time in the National Cathedral to take photos, and I’d like to share some of the results with you. (See more of Trevor’s work here).

IMG_8610“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” earmuffs by Kate Spade, yellow coat by Zara.

IMG_8756Earrings by C Wonder.

IMG_8761Winter boots by Sorel (similar here).

IMG_8772Red sweater from Target.

IMG_8785Faux fur vest by C Wonder.

IMG_8790A lovely self-timed photo of both Trevor and myself! 

For those of you who haven’t visited the Washington National Cathedral, I highly recommend it. It’s one of my favorite places in D.C. To learn more about it, click here.

I’m Back!

After a loooong hiatus, I’m now a uni graduate and in the “real world” and have time to start this ol’ thing up again. I hope to make it better than before. I’ll get some fun stuff up for y’all soon!

And for now, hello from the other side of liberal arts education!