The Year of Color(ed Hair)

I recently got my hair done. This may seem very routine and, frankly, boring, but for me it was a big deal. Why? Because getting my hair done meant repairing a complete disaster I brought upon my hair… and changing my hair color to the most drastic change in appearance I’d executed in the past year: going purple.

Photo on 4-25-13 at 3.51 PM #2This is my natural hair color. I guess the best way to describe it is “bronde”. 

The first semester of this school year (aka my last as a college student), I decided would be the Semester of Color. This came about because I wanted to be blonde for my Halloween costume (Fionna from Adventure Time), but I also wanted to go purple for a weekend at a music festival in Atlanta. So I bleached my hair for the first time ever and attempted to use temporary purple dye (meant for single strands, apparently), which failed miserably and turned my hair into a grossly matted nest of purple? black? brown? mess. I washed out everything I could, restoring my hair to  an approximation of my natural color (with a pink tint).

Photo on 10-25-14 at 6.26 PMThe blonde variation, complete with some gorgeous henna done by my friend Megan. Ah, college.

I’d also recently tried black…

Photo on 2-11-14 at 6.27 PM #2
…and let it fade to my natural color, which I’d been planning on for ages but could never quite stick with.

Photo on 6-24-14 at 4.33 PM #2
But in the end, I always came back to red, a color that I’d started doing towards the end of high school that reminded me of the one, bizarre year as a baby where I had curly red hair.


But about a month ago, I decided to go purple, like I’d tried to do early last semester. So I went to see the wonderful Sunny Oh at DC-based Denise Sharpe Hair & Beauty. After I tried to bleach my hair again by myself (and forgot a step that ended up destroying my hair), I went to the salon and they both fixed my broken hair and dyed it to a beautiful deep purple that I’ve worn with enormous pride for the past month.

Working the purple hair in real life means I’ve been wearing lots of black and white, and I love it.

I have to say, I never expected to have purple hair for long. I was planning on keeping it until about a week before my sister’s wedding and then going to a dark brown. But the thing about my hair right now is that it can look dark brown until the light hits it and you suddenly notice, hey, she has purple hair! (Side note: it’s really fun to watch people come to that realization). So, despite the fact I inadvertently matched the color scheme for the wedding, I’ve kept my beautiful purple hair and I have never received more compliments about my hair than I have since the change.

So for anyone who is looking into trying something “unusual” but remain unsure, I would say go for it. I was very lucky to have Sunny and Denise take care of me and my hair, so make sure you also find someone you trust and that you know will get you the result you want. But truly, I have felt more confident with this color than I have with most others, and I wouldn’t trade feeling beautiful and unique like I do now for anything.

That, and it’s really fun hearing my mother’s friends comment on how they’d like to try purple, now, too.


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