My name is Caroline. I’m a 23-year-old postgrad student. I graduate from the English program at Sewanee, and I hope to pursue work in journalism, print media or, really, any form of creative writing. While I do dream of being published in the New Yorker and taking photos for National Geographic, I’ve decided to put my interests to use in the present so I can hone my skills as a writer in what may be the most presently prolific medium of the current time. For now, I try to spend my time writing, taking photographs and going on adventures (to see my travel blog, click here).

This blog is where I try to collect a bunch of things that make me happy, as a sort of escape from the mundane in my day-to-day routine. I hope it can serve the same purpose for others, as well!

Unless otherwise specified, all photographs and opinions are my own. I will do my best to supply credit for all photos and other internet stuffs that I post that are not my own.

Photo used above taken by my friend Trevor Klatko, January 2015.
Photo header taken by Trevor Klatko, January 2015.


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