Post-Winter Shopping is Coming

In the wake of the recent snowstorm that hit the city, I’ve been thinking about online shopping a lot (because that appears to be the next logical step in my thought process after “snowed in”). In my ongoing effort to start furnishing my apartment with investment pieces, I want to show y’all some of the pieces I’ve bought and some I hope to decorate with in the future. After all, there are bunches of sales on right now, and if the weather is telling me anything, it’s to prepare for the post-winter future. (Maybe this is my odd, expensive form of hibernation?)

So here are some things I’ve found to help get myself in gear for spring. especially now that we’ve already sprung forward. (Details after the break).

Spring Forward

Kate Spade Saturday Hooded Cape ($189)
Since KSS is closing soon, everything is an extra 40% off. If that weren’t incentive enough, I’ve been wanting a cape for a while now, and this hooded plaid number is definitely a good place to start, especially if the cold snap continues into the beginning of spring!

Beyoncé Round Sunglasses ($35)
Though I don’t own this pair myself, I’ve recently come to wholly believe that round sunglasses are not just for Ringo Starr. In fact, they’re for Beyoncé. Or at least made by her for all the rest of us. (I splurged and bought myself a folding pair, if you’re okay with not having specifically Bey-sponsored ones).

Terrain Mixing Bowls ($88)
I am determined to get back into baking this season. Cupcakes are on the horizon, and these gorgeous mixing bowls are a brilliant way to help me really invest in what many of my friends think should be my fallback job. Plus, let’s be real: making our own meals and treats is so much more rewarding than ordering in.

Chicwish Color Blocked Scarf ($34)
Piet Mondrian’s birthday was a couple of days ago. That may mean nothing to you, but he remains one of my favorite artists, and this scarf is definitely a nice homage to his most famous works. That, and why not indulge in color blocking some more?

A+R BinBin Trash Can ($55)
Spring cleaning isn’t just a fun thing to say you’re doing– it’s pretty necessary, as far as I can tell. That, and I can never seem to have enough trash cans. Especially when all those fun allergies come back with the spring season.

We Are Erstwhile Pull-Down Map ($279)
What better way to honor both your love of travel than to display a old school pull-down map? To inspire you to keep traveling or simply to help remind you of a place that means a lot to you, these maps are worth the splurge.

Kate Spade Salt + Pepper Shakers ($30)
I don’t know how else to describe spring other than “fresh”. But if you’re like me, you sometimes want to enhance those wonderful flavors. Add some spice to your life!

Seattle Chocolates Truffle Chocolate Bars ($3.50/bar)
Chocolate bars are back. Where they ever gone, though? Oh, I don’t care. These Rainforest Alliance Certified bars almost seem too good to be true, but certainly not too good to eat in massive quantities.

Kate Spade Telegram Memo Pad ($12)
As a complete sucker for stationary, I couldn’t do anything to prevent myself from getting this notepad. It’s gorgeous, subtly colored, retro and, well, it’s Kate Spade. For me, that’s usually enough to sell me on something.

Kate Spade Picnic Blanket ($45)
They say the grass is greener on the other side. I don’t know who “they” are, but the grass is always going to be green on this gorgeous picnic blanket. Now I just need some friends, a bottle of wine, and a beautiful day.


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