Valentine’s Day

I have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. On one hand, I think it’s a ploy used to sell cards and chocolate and an appropriation of a saint who really had no relation to what we consider Valentine’s to stand for today. On the other, it’s a time to recognize the importance of reminding yourself that you do deserve love–both from others and from yourself.

I plan on spending it as Galentine’s Day with my sister and my SO, Netflix, but I want to remind both myself and others that Valentine’s Day is as much about celebrating yourself as it is celebrating a relationship. This may partially come from the vague cynicism I get from being single around this time of year, but also from a deep-seated belief that Valentine’s Day should not just celebrate couples. So, in keeping with the Parks & Rec inspiration, I’m going to dub it “Treat Yo’self Day”.

Disregarding relationship status, why not celebrate yourself? Or, better yet, treat yo’self? I know I will be.

Valentine's Day

1. Love Letters Book Pouch by Olympia LeTan for LeSportsac
Olympia LeTan is famous for her elaborate (and expensive) clutches, so I’m extremely thankful that there are cheaper versions on sale now!
2. “Free As A Butterfly” Lipstick by MAC x Cinderella (not yet available online)
The new collection is filled with Cinderella-inspired pinks and nudes– a stark contrast to my usual dark reds and purples. Why not take a simple risk and go for something different?
3. Sea Salt Waffle Cone Milk Chocolate Bar by Compartés x Gray Malin
One of my favorite photographers and one of my favorite chocolatiers have created this gorgeous and delicious chocolate bar. Yes, thank you, more, please.
4. Colorplay Thong by Hanky Panky
Buying and wearing lingerie (or any fancy underwear) makes me feel like I have this confidence-building secret, especially when I’m wearing it just for myself.
5. Telepathic Earrings by Erickson Beamon
There’s always at least one splurge item on my list. I’d say these gorgeous earrings certainly qualify. 
6. World Map Scarf by Kate Spade
Winter isn’t ending anytime soon, and I like the travel inspiration!
7. Les Notebook Trio by Terrain
If you can’t be in the romantic spirit for Valentine’s, at least you can get Parisian-inspired notebooks to write down all the reasons you’re awesome.
8. Casa Stripe Socks by Pendleton
Maybe it’s just me, but I always need more socks in my life.

How are you treating yourself for Valentine’s Day?