Super Love

Apparently this is the week of music for me. I discovered a few new songs that I am now in love with yesterday: one that will be my new summer song, and one that I think I will never get over loving, regardless of the season. And another one that works perfectly with the idea of a single– not just as a single song, but also as a single woman, as an empowerment song. So, to continue this week’s trend, here are three more singles that I am playing, and will be playing, throughout my entire trip in Europe.

Enjoy more music, y’all! And let me know if you have more songs for me to check out.

Super Love Dani Im
It’s only available on iTunes as a music video, and I took a chance and downloaded the video based on the short clip I saw, and I have absolutely zero regrets. The video itself is beautifully done, and heartwarming to boot– which is to say nothing of the gorgeous costumes Dani Im wears while singing and playing her heart out. She won the Aussie X-Factor, and I think I’m in love. This is my new all-seasons pop sensation song. It makes me happy like no song has for a long time. If you need a new pump-up song that truly inspires, this is it.

My Friend Has A Swimming Pool Mausi
In case you needed an extra dose of happy, here it is. Mausi’s song has a hyper-sweet, just-want-to-play tone to it, and I can feel myself just wading into water for an impromptu pool volleyball game listening to it. As if I needed a new summer anthem… but who cares? I’m thrilled to be stuck* with this one. Who’s up for a pool party, stat?
*Seriously, it’s been stuck in my head and it’s not going anywhere.

Slow Dancing Indiana
I anticipate this is going to replace (mostly) “Single Ladies” and “We Run This (Girls)” for me. Though it’s a less-explicit girl anthem in the way Bey’s two power songs are, Indiana has crafted a great, danceable beat laden with her gorgeous, sultry voice that declares that she’s going to dance alone, because that’s what she wants to do. It’s her world, and her right to dance until she declares she’s done– everyone else can just watch. I definitely read single-girl empowerment into this song, and can just hear it blasting out at a club as I dance until the bitter end, right along with her.


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