App Review: Instagram 6.0

It’s happened.

I am addicted to Instagram.


I refused, for years, to even download the app. For one very specific reason (okay, two): I adore taking photos and I knew I’d get caught up in it, and I liked the fact that I was not one of the masses who cared about filters and #hashtags. (I still don’t care about hashtags. They annoy me. The only thing I have gotten out of them is learning that the pound key is actually called an octothorpe, and that’s really bloody fun to say).

But then my cousin Elizabeth intervened, texting me about how she’d just gotten an Instagram… and how I had to have one because I would love it. And just like that, I gave in, and now I’m hooked.








I mostly take pictures of food (yes, I am one of those) and nature. For example, it’s been nice to show off (respectively, as above) cocktail hour at my friend’s house, the amazing Bailey’s & sea salt gelato at my favorite gelato place in the area, and the two personalised New Zealand-inspired spoons I bought myself. Largely speaking, I know most people aren’t going to care about everything I do, but it’s a nice way to remember certain fun things I’ve been doing (or buying).

I still do not remotely regret the years I spent without it, and I know that I’ll be having the most fun when I’m not concerned about getting photos for Instagram. That being said, I really like what I’ve started. (See: examples from my Wyoming trip below).

IMG_4890 IMG_4945

IMG_4739 IMG_4655





It started with me just following my cousin and putting up a couple photos of my pets and some flowers I got for my mother, but about a month later, I have 90 photos up and was easily able to document my trip to Wyoming (more about that later) and see what my little was up to in Dublin.

As you may know, Instagram also recently had a major update with 6.0, allowing even more features to edit your photos. Now you can adjust the influence filters actually have on your photos (going from the usual full 100% filter opacity and allowing you to adjust as you wish), as well as other additions, like being able to adjust highlights and shadows.

IMG_5007IMG_5008 IMG_5010









As my Photoshop skills are extremely rusty, Instagram has especially succeeded to help lighten some photos I would not otherwise have been able to manipulate (like the one below). Now, I can show off adorable pictures of my dog that would have been too dark to demonstrate his awesomeness had I not succumbed to the lure of the app.


I mean, look at him. He’s so cute. Maybe Gatsby should get his own blog.


No, I’m not going to do that, but damn, he’s cute.


Look at him! He likes pretending to be a rug.


Just look at that face.


Okay this one is actually my cat Sawyer pretending to be Buddha, but I’ve made my point. I hope.

Just don’t be that person who has to Instagram everything. I still have to remind myself sometimes when I’m faced with a particularly beautiful preparation of a fast food burger, that not everything needs to be documented when I’m living life. An app shouldn’t really become an addiction.

And please realize that I was being facetious in the above statement. Unless I find an In-and-Out around here, I’m not going to be taking a photo of a fast food burger anytime soon. And if I find that In-and-Out, everyone will know. Not just Instagram. I WILL BE TELLING THE WORLD OF MY JOY.

And for good measure,
Grade: A-
Price: Free


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