The Weekly: 19/5/14


Neither the judge nor the number itself seem to understand why it exists.

Hate Monday? Me too, but here are some adorable pictures to make you feel better about it.

72 things about the world that you might want to know. (#4 and #72 blew my mind, and I still can’t wrap my head around #13).

An updated version of a question the internet posed before: what would classic paintings look like if they had been made in today’s media-saturated beauty standards?

Desk inspiration for those with high standards for their spaces and their role models.

Here are five things you should know how to do in your life. I’m off to work on number one right now…

And for a more satirical take on life hacks, look no further! Personally, I can relate to number seven like no one’s business, and number three is definitely accurate.

The bird is back, people. And hopefully not as viciously addictive as before.

I have officially found the pet I never knew I wanted: a husky raised by cats.

Dr. Seuss x Ludacris = this.

It really is a big deal: bones of the largest dinosaur ever found were just uncovered in Argentina.

This summer is going to be extra-delicious, provided I add a few more countries to my journey!

The Week In Video
I don’t think we’re in Westeros anymore, Hodor. (Spoiler alert for this season of GoT).

Move aside, Drunk In Love baby, you’ve got some new competition. And it’s equally adorable.

Here’s a quick how-to guide on making the best grilled cheese. Ever.

The happiest GoPro moment of the week, starring… a baby on a swing!

Apparently I needed another reason to love Jennifer Lawrence.

There was a mini SNL reunion recently and I couldn’t be happier. Nic Cage joined, too! And wait until you hear what he’s planning on doing next.

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