I’m going on an adventure!

Travel Essentials
I am officially going on a summer adventure with my friends this summer!
For about a month, I’ll be traveling around Scandinavia (primarily) with a few friends of mine from New Zealand. I am extremely excited, to say the least. However, I also know there are a few things that I’m going to need to remember while I’m gone… and some things I need to learn before I get there.
From my own time abroad, I know I’m going to be carrying around my personal basics (backpack (similar), camera, charger/adaptor, sunglasses, phrasebook), but this is going to be a trip unlike anything I’ve ever done before.
For all of my experiences abroad, I’ve never been in a place where English wasn’t the first language without someone who did speak the native language. (Or, to make that into a sentence that actually makes sense: every time I’ve been in a place where they didn’t speak English, I’ve been accompanied by someone who has spoken the language. And to make that readable: In Italy, I was with someone who spoke Italian, etc. I think I’m just confusing myself now). So the biggest change in this trip is going to be dealing with all these languages that I’ve never been around before. So I’m probably the most concerned about that, as I should be, considering I seem to be losing my English skills as well (re: beginning the paragraph).
I’ll be in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Croatia and Hungary while I’m gone, provided we get everywhere! I’m really looking forward to seeing even small bits of each of these countries. I know it’ll just fuel my wanderlust more, but I’m excited nonetheless.
Have any of you been to Eastern Europe/Scandinavia? I’d love tips on getting around, places to go, things to learn/understand prior to going, especially if anyone has any suggestions for traveling on a budget. We already have a general itinerary, but I want to make the most of my time abroad and not come back feeling that I haven’t experienced each location to the best of my ability.
Here’s to new adventures for all.
This is certainly going to be something new for me!

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