The Weekly: 12/5/14

I’ve decided to put the videos and the links into one weekly batch. So here are my picks for the start of the week! Enjoy, y’all.


The finest moment of a French cat’s life gets documented for all to see (and for me, at least, to laugh at).

Instead of simply dreaming about a relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, now some lovely person has come up with a way for us to (sort of) experience it!

One of my friends’ blogs is really taking off, and you all should go enjoy it. That’s what I’ve been spending my time doing these days.

In case anyone was wondering, appearances do matter— and so does common decency.

Jon Stewart proves once and for all that women are super-emotional and have no control over themselves, they clearly shouldn’t be politicians. Oh… wait… (The last line kills me every time).

I can only hope to have a baby this talented at singing.

Need some motivation? Well, here you freakin’ go.

The first openly gay footballer was drafted in the final round of the NFL draft. Congratulations, Michael Sams! (And congratulations, St. Louis Rams, for getting such a great player)!

This happened. Where’s my totem?

Find any other cool things I should check out? Leave a comment!

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