Everything Old is New Again

Everything Old is New Again
Has anyone else noticed that most of what comes out these days seems to be harkening back to another time period? Like Beatles-inspired glasses, or 90s shootouts with jean on jean and crop tops? I can’t say I’m surprised, frankly. I’m actually pretty happy about this. Looking for inspiration in the past is common these days, and not as bad a thing as everyone makes it out to be. Yes, there’s something to the idea of nothing being original anymore… but then, of course, there’s that adage “everything old is new again”. I choose to believe in that one.

For one thing, internet personality quizzes are back! I’m personally thrilled (and have taken enough to prove I’m back in my preteen habit, full force). Plus the fact that they’re more socially acceptable now is pretty awesome. Just don’t be the person that posts every little quiz result on Facebook. Your friends will not enjoy that. But then again… if Buzzfeed says you’d be a dragon if you were a mystical creature, then tell the world. (Image via)

POKEMON LIVES. Well, it’s been alive since about first grade, if I recall correctly. No one can say it’s died at any point, but now it seems to be back. And better yet, it’s making its way into fashion, even Elle Canada’s May 2014 photoshoot (seen above, image via). Plus, they’re making cartoon series for adults and they’re not going anywhere. I’m liking the ability to relive my childhood in an adult-friendly way!

contemporary-kids I love maps. Especially vintage ones. I bought a 1904 map of New Zealand from this vendor at Eastern Market that I adore and am still waiting to get custom framed. It’s kind of my baby. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of the my 1750 London map. Don’t expect me to stop buying map-inspired products anytime soon… and please, keep all vintage-y things coming! (Image via)

Eames house 1Midcentury art and decor has stood the test of time, and it remains a fantastic way to furnish and decorate your house. From classic chairs like Eames by Herman Miller lounge to prints of classic Mondrian pieces, the revival of midcentury’s simple, modern design is here, and I hope it never goes away. I can just picture myself in the Eames lounge chair, listening to Bob Dylan on a vinyl player now… (Image via)

tumblr_mjzmfcswzm1qhus6yo1_500Did Air Jordans actually disappear, or have I been living on a rock? I’m not sure. Regardless, 90’s staples like crop tops and the aforementioned sneakers (not to mention the new chambray obsession that seems to be rocking fashion shows these days, reminiscent of the whole denim crazy). [Image via]

enhanced-buzz-24948-1397349510-15Speaking of the 90s (though I guess that’s the majority of what I’ve done so far)… have you seen all of the twists on Disney classics these days? From Bambi growing up in fashion to these gorgeous genderbent characters, I feel like I’m watching the franchises grow up with me. (Image via)

tumblr_li9f8qK8rD1qznwvxo1_400No one uses real (non-mechanical) pencils anymore. Or boom box-like speakers. And definitely not money clips. Well, that’s what I thought. Until I found pencils rampant online, including ones telling me to be myself. (What fantastic motivation to actually write my poems on paper!) Plus there are great new portable sound systems out these days, like my personal favorite and this upcoming beauty. And I found money clips encouraging you to bring home the bacon. Or eat the bacon. Which is how I read it. [Image via].

yellowtimemachineThere are some things in pop culture that never truly disappear. And there are those that refuse to die. Take the Beatles and Dr. Who– two franchises (yes, I’m considering the Beatles as a franchise in addition to being one of the world’s greatest bands) that refuse to let go, and that people keep coming back to. Whether it be paying tribute to John Lennon through accessories or desperately waiting for the TARDIS to show up so you can go defeat Daleks, there are just some things that survive. (Like the Doctor.)  Image via

DSCN8084In the end, it always comes back to the earth. With all of the movements and organizations dedicated to helping preserve what we haven’t squandered in our pursuit of technologies bigger and better, helping the earth is definitely “in vogue” these days. So appreciate the beautiful planet that keeps us alive. Even if that simply means buying some sweet agate bookends. Recycle, guys. (Image is my own, and untouched. Taken overlooking Mt. Cook from Lake Pukaki in New Zealand [where else?]).

196264_1008722013636_7384_nSigning off with a photo of myself from 8th grade Morp (the middle school prom) to fit into the flashback theme. (Image taken by my friend Renee).



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