The Weekly

There are too many videos out there. Since I probably rehashed too much of peoples’ childhoods with the last video post (I know my sister was not pleased to be reminded of the Banana Phone song), here are some more current things to watch this week.

1. Commencement Backflip
I shouldn’t be laughing at this, I shouldn’t be laughing at this, I shouldn’t be laughing… screw it.

2. New Zealand Timelapse
Not that I needed another reason to go back, but now I have one. Yes, this is what it really looks like there. (Even if you have no desire to go, watch for the beautiful camerawork and haunting music. Trust me). So gorgeous I had to repost from my link roundup this week.

3. Cute Puppies
Just by watching the video, you donate money to help shelter dogs in New Zealand. (Yes, another New Zealand video). But seriously… CUTE PUPPIES.

4. Grocery Wars
This is another old one, but it’s still relevant almost eight years later. Plus, Star Wars parody.

5. Drunk History
If you haven’t watched any drunk history yet, start now. You’ll learn something and have way too much fun for you to realize it.

6. Lip Sync with Emma Stone
I’m guessing most of you have seen this. On the off chance you haven’t, you totally deserve to watch the glory that is Jimmy Fallon and (especially) Emma Stone lip-synching.

7. Jamie Foxx Sings Unsexy Words
Yes, another Jimmy Fallon clip… but damn, a loofah never sounded so good.

BONUS! 1 is 2 Campaign
In the second video of the administration’s campaign against sexual assault, actors we see regularly demonstrate their commitment to the cause and to help victims of sexual assault- and not to condemn them for the actions of others. Plus, Dulé Hill. Never enough Dulé.


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