Tidbits from the Web

I really wanted to make a nerdy joke out of the title, but I felt like “tidbytes” would just look weird. So, if you know a bit is what makes up a byte, then… I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.

Here’s a brief collection of some fun and interesting things I’ve found around the web in the past week or so. Enjoy!


A collection of jokes for anyone who may have understood what I was trying to say in the first two sentence. Or someone with a nerdy side.

In honor of Shakespeare’s 450th birthday (or at least the 450th anniversary of three days before his christening), one should determine once and for all which Shakespearean hero (or heroine) they are. And what Shakespearean drinking buddy they should have. (Plus, the woman who wrote this went to my high school, and she is both brilliant and hilarious. Just take the quiz if you don’t believe me!)

On the off chance you wanted a reason to go to New Zealand, or some sort of sign that you should drop everything and go now… here’s your sign.

Still waiting for your Hogwarts letter? Well, don’t wait anymore.

It’s missing the game I made up from Hungry, Hungry Hippos, but this list of kids’ games turned drinking games will make you want to relive your childhood again. (Coincidentally, my game Drunky, Drunky Hippos will get its own post soon. Decision made).

Who wants to join me in a suspended jacuzzi party?


For me and anyone else who has trouble just getting everything they’re supposed to do doneMeg Biram has the answer.

Need to “check your privilege”? Tal Fortgang certainly has, and he’s got a message for you.

And for the record, that picture above is me in freshman (?) year of high school. And yes, I did use the word “inter webs”, and only semi-ironically. I needed a picture in this post, okay?

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