Shopping List

Shopping List

I keep finding all of these things online (most of which I can’t afford or justify buying), but there are some items that just stand out so much that I just have to share them. Here are a few of those things that I’ve found lately that are actually affordable… with a few worthy splurges (like #5, which would help fill my current headphone void).

So here’s the rundown:
Just in case I needed another reminder to get off my butt and do things, I can certainly use the Design Darling Hustle Notepad ($15) to motivate me.
2 I don’t understand what the big deal about Birkenstocks is (love them or hate them), but I’m willing to experiment with these Monterey Black Exquisite Birkenstocks, €95.
I usually splurge on high quality sunglasses, though not this much. However, I can’t resist a good pair of bright sunglasses… and I can’t get over these Mohotani sunnies from Dior, $315. I’ll just dream of them for now.
After discovering the amazing DC fashion blog Meg Biriam, I came across these lapis lazuli Cleopatra earrings ($132) in her shop, and now I’m hooked. Can I have all three variations?
As said above, I’m in the market for headphones, and the Frends “Taylor” headphones, $199, qualify for both good sound quality and as a fashion accessory
Swimsuit season is never fun. But with this beautiful $5o (!) Motel swimsuit that is affordable, provides coverage, and quite sexy, I think I can get behind it.
Until I get a Kitchen Aid mixer ($350) of my own, I don’t think I can think of myself as an adult. Or a real baker.
Ear cuffs are my new obsession. As soon as I saw this Hermes ear cuff, $28, designed (I think?) by Coco Rocha for BaubleBar, I knew I had to get them. Not as extreme as some, but still damn gorgeous.
Do I need an objet for my room? Probably not. But it’s awesome, regal, and a bit whimsical, and that’s enough to sell me on this lion container from imm Living, $72.
10 I see no reason NOT to have a figurine of Karl Lagerfeld by Tokidoki, $190, in my room for inspiration. None at all.
11 I need this shirt. Everyone needs this shirt. It’s $24. That’s a small price to pay to make others realize how true its statement is.
12 These water bottles have been haunting me. I’d like one in every size and every color/texture. The one pictured is $40, with the many others on sale on their website, ranging from $25 for a 9oz to a personalisable $53, 25oz bottle.
13 For years I have merely appreciated nail art as an observer. But these gorgeous, edgy and SUPER affordable decals ($1.75– seriously) are now something I just need to have in my life. I call dibs on the middle finger, as shown. And perhaps the dinosaur

What’s on your internet shopping list?


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