Stella & Dot


Trunk Show Time!

Today, my sister hosted a trunk show in our backyard. This has been a long time coming, and I am thrilled to introduce you to Stella & Dot (in case you haven’t been introduced already).  Stella & Dot is a wonderful company that, for all intents and purposes, is a label designed by women, for women. Designed in a SoHo loft in NYC, Stella & Dot has become something of a household name (literally, in our case). It’s filled with fun, affordable and elegant jewelry, as well as a wonderful collection of scarves and bags to top that off. One of the best parts of the company, in my opinion, is that it can work for women in numerous ways, whether you’re simply a consumer, or if you’re looking to get yourself in on the selling action. (Learn more about that here). IMG_5833 My sister worked hard setting up all of the delicious dishes, making French toast casserole (above) and salad of both the “normal” and “fruit” varieties. We had an abundance of other goodies like a fruit tea & mimosa bar and two amazing quiches from a local bakery, Praline, as well. We were pretty well stocked on good food and drink!


The actual show was held in our backyard, with a bunch of sample pieces on display outside to be enjoyed and marveled over. I’ve got to admit, if I hadn’t been obsessed with Stella & Dot before, I would have been by the time I even looked at the setup. My sister (Catie) and her stylist (Shannon) did a really remarkable job setting everything up, and all of the guests had a lovely time trying on all of the fantastic pieces.


Hosting a trunk show seems really daunting, but Stella & Dot makes it really easy. In fact, I’m really hoping to host my own show at some point (or, even better, become a stylist!) I did buy a few things myself… as did my sister and mother. It’s hard to resist when so many wonderful designs are around. Overall, I’d say it was a fantastic experience, and both Catie and Shannon (above) made the show into something I can easily say I’d love to participate in again.


(One of my favorites was the necklace I have on above, the White Stone Sutton Necklace. Which, gloriously, is convertible– another plus of Stella & Dot jewelry, most of which is also convertible!)

Here are some of my picks. Click through for the links!

Spotlight On: Stella & Dot

I love it when pretty things are empowering. If I find a nice statement piece (even if I don’t wear it every day) that also doubles with making me feel like a badass, I’m there. And Stella & Dot hits the target on pieces like that every time.



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