Of Viral Videos Past

Anybody else remember EBaumsWorld? Well, I do.

Yesterday was full of video flashbacks for me. I kept finding small reminders of random internet videos from middle school/high school everywhere. For example, I stumbled about this rather awesome (but for me, completely impractical, no matter how much I want it not to be) banana phone. Which, of course, made me think of…

So, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you some entirely random, nonsensical things that my friends and I adored from when we were about 12-16. Though, frankly, I can’t say that I don’t still enjoy them. It’s nice to have a random, ridiculous throwback every once in a while.

1. Shoes
There is no way I can let this list exist without including the beginning of it all. Okay, this wasn’t remotely the beginning, but it was the first video song that I bought on iTunes. As in, it sometimes still comes up on my iPod. Stupid boy. Let’s party.

2. Can I Have Your Number?
I still quote this, too often, to this day. I will probably be the last person on earth and still quote this. And yes, people, this is gloriously done by a woman. I remember when that information was enough to blow people’s minds at school.

3. Charlie the Unicorn
WE’RE GOING TO CANDY MOUNTAIN, CHARLIE! (Another thing I will randomly quote to no end). Just try to tell me this isn’t still insane but fabulous. I dare you.

4. Llamas With Hats
This one was a high school thing for me. But I love it, even more than Charlie the Unicorn. It’s by the same people, and made even better when watching the German version. I actually prefer the German version. And I have a dance remix of the German version on iTunes. I have too many on these things on iTunes…

5. Hitler vs. Lady Gaga
This is the one I randomly had pop into my head last night and I REGRET NOTHING.

6. The End of the World
Okay, this is more appropriately “the beginning” for me. I remember having to actually CLICK the “start” button at the beginning. Regardless, “I am le tired” is always something that relates to missiles for me. So my conversations with my sister are a bit strange these days.

7. The Llama Song
Did YOU ever see a llama kiss a llama on a llama?

8. The Muffin Tree
Muffin Films was the best website in sixth grade. Amy Winfrey was the best always. I don’t understand how this was my favorite one, but apparently everyone had a super strange sense of humor around then. (I mean… look at these videos I’m posting, after all).

9. Bed Intruder
Freshman year of college was a fabulous time, because this happened and no one ever forgot to mention this in conversation at least once. Until now, when no one remembers it. Aside from me, of course.

10. Badger Badger
Sorry to have officially driven you insane by this point.


How could this NOT be included?


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