It’s Back!

VIDEO DAY. I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit because of the craziness that’s been going on in my life. But I’ve been saving up lots of awesome videos I’ve found (of no particular sort) that I just have to share with whoever may come upon them here. So here’s an extra long video list for this week (to make up for the past… at least two weeks. I don’t remember anymore). Enjoy! I know I did.

1. Fake Job Interview
This is one of the most brilliant advertising campaigns I’ve seen in a while. I did guess what it was before the end, but regardless: watch it all the way through. Then do whatever seems necessary afterwards. (Tissues may be required).

2. How Frozen Should Have Ended
I DID NOT KNOW I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE UNTIL I FOUND IT. Now I want a movie spinoff of this scenario. I’m looking at you, Bryan Singer. You have movies planned until 2028 already… so here’s another.

3. Cat Welcome
Don’t believe that cats care? Yeah, you’re wrong. Also, cat video!

4. Bane Cat
In order to further prove my geekiness and my love of somewhat ridiculous videos, I give you this. I love it. My friends think I’m crazy but also enjoy it. And cat owners, I swear you’ll also seem some similarities between this and your cat at times. Maybe that’s just my crazy cats…

5. Angry Bird Cursing
EVERY SINGLE TIME I WATCH THIS I LAUGH. And quoting it never gets old (for various reasons).

6. Talk Dirty (Yiddish Version)
This is how I learned the words to the original song. Plus, a Yiddish rap!

7. Dancing 3 Year Old
This is a long one, but another that should be watched to the end. I only wish I could dance as well as this kid. (Seriously. I can’t dance.)

8. Bird Speaks Japanese
I can speak approximately the same amount of Japanese as this bird, but THE VOICES. IT CAN DO VOICES.

9. What Do Strangers Think Of You?
Yeah, you never know what people think of you… but they may be noticing things you don’t notice about yourself as well: the beautiful things about you. This is uplifting, to say the least.

10. They’re Taking the Hobbits to Isengard Live
Based on this glorious video, Orlando Bloom took a break from filming the second Hobbit film to make this happen with Peter Jackson. It’s amazing and I’ve had it stuck in my head all week. (The original, that is).

BONUS! Frozen x Breaking Bad
The quickest of them all, and fantastic if you’re a fan of both.


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