App Review: Make-Your-Own 2048

A little time ago, I told y’all about 2048. Now I’m going to tell you about a more recent development that makes me love the internet even more than I did before: A WAY TO MAKE YOUR OWN 2048.

“That’s impossible!” You might say. “I don’t know how to code something like that!” Ah, but that doesn’t matter. On the beautiful website Us vs. Th3m, they’ve already done everything for you. All you have to do is change each number into something else: words, pictures, even GIFs. And it’s glorious. And it also makes a perfect moment to share just how dorky I can be.

I was introduced to this by my friend Patrick who posted his version on Facebook, which I present to you now as the No Edition. My reaction: creating the WTF Edition (preview below). I have found a lot of other glorious ones through, of course, Buzzfeed. (If you’re even braver, try these). If you really don’t care, or just feel like winning the damn game for a change, just click here. So rewarding.

So here are the two that I’ve created myself, the number of which I’m planning to increase. You already heard tell of the WTF edition, which basically is just centered around variations of the word “fuck”. The second… well, see for yourself.

1. WTF Edition
Just as it sounded… it’s basically a increasing scale of variations on the word “fuck”. Unfortunately, I didn’t start with “fuck”, so you have to deal with “frick” and “frack” a lot, which gets old. Especially because it makes me feel like I have Elliott from Scrubs and anyone from Battlestar Galactica talking to me. Or a child. But then you get into the good stuff and it’s really fun trying to remember what expletive alteration comes next. Far better version of this here, though I don’t really agree with its progression of words.

2. The Best Edition
This one is ridiculously good looking. Maybe I should have named it the Zoolander Edition. Basically, it’s super motivating (to me) to see the faces of a lot of my celebrity crushes (God, that sounds juvenile, but regardless). So I put the top three in the first three number spots, thus ensuring I get to see them all the time. But I can’t wait to defeat this particular version. It should be glorious.

So yeah, I’ve only made two so far. I think I may make a girl crush version next. (How does that sound more normal to me?) But that’s not all! Here are some of my particular favorites of the ones I didn’t make myself.

1. BBC Sherlock Edition
The first version I played with actual pictures. And to make it even better, they’re pictures of the cast of BBC’s Sherlock! And to make THAT even better… they’re all some of the derpiest screenshots of the actors from the series run. Or just shots where they’re making silly faces. And it’s the best.

2. Lord of the Rings Edition
Like the Fellowship? Love the movies? Want to stare at Orlando Bloom as Legolas staring back at you/into the distance/noticing that they’re taking the hobbits (the hobbits, the hobbits) to Isengard? Do it.

3. Pokemon Edition

When it became Snorlax I giggled. My first- and second-grade self is delirious with excitement. And Ninetails, who I’ve always LOOOOVED. And Psyduck, my spirit Pokemon, aka the only Pokemon who knows what it feels like to go around as a walking migraine.

There are more, like the ones listed below. And SO many more. Now I’ll give up on trying to find other versions and leave you to create your own. Enjoy.

Other Recommended Versions:
Diagonal / Hexagon / Hiragana (a way to brush up on my simple Japanese) / Flappy / Winning


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