Reading Nook

Ever since I was little, all I ever wanted to do was read & write books. Perhaps that’s why I’m now an English major… but that’s something to be discovered at another time. Now, I still am in love with all things book-related, and have finally calmed myself down in terms of book buying (literally, buying too many books was what introduced me to my shopping habit).
Now, with the possibility of “real life” coming closer and closer in conjunction with my inevitable college graduation, I’m starting to really piece together (at least mentally) what I want out of a future apartment/house/other variety of living space. Naturally, one of the things I find most important to me in said future place, is a place to just sit and read. A reading nook, if you will.
So I’m currently collecting more “adult” books, as I went through several phases of buying other things, like teen fiction (around ages 9-13) to chick lit and biographies (ages 14-18) to almost exclusively required college reading (19-22). Mostly I’m looking at some really nice coffee table books, ways of displaying/holding books (since I still have, quite literally, hundreds of books from over the years) and some more ‘proper’ novels for both future and present consumption.

Here I offer a general look at what I both have and am hoping to acquire in the near future for said reading nook. Mostly this contains coffee table books, because, BELIEVE me, there’s no way I could fit something like my Amazon queue in here, which is full of things ranging from an Orson Welles biography to books on literary-inspired cocktails.

As an avid reader, I hope this will inspire you all to do something similar! I truly do believe that books (especially real, physical books that do not require an electronic reader) are one of the best ways to let our imagines run free and to allow ourselves time to simply be, and get lost in another world, even just for a time.

P.S. Yes, I know there’s a coloring book on there. I’m never going to grow up enough to get sick of those!