App Review: 2048

I saw this game being shared on Facebook for a solid week before I actually got around to looking at it. Well, rather, I got around to looking at it once I discovered it became an app.

Now I’m obsessed.

IMG_3743 IMG_3747 IMG_3751
L to R: The progression of a new addiction.

I only downloaded it two days ago, but I can’t stop playing it. (I also foolishly announced to my mother, “I just found the best new game!”, which received a very aggravated “oh, great,” in response, effectively solidifying my parents’ fears that I am the least productive child in existence).

Though my Facebook friends were showing it off primarily as a game for math nerds (which I am wholeheartedly NOT), it’s anything but. As long as you understand when two numbers are the same as each other, you’re golden.

The theory is simple: match numbers that are the same with each other (in multiples of two), and attempt to match them until you get the tile that reads, you guessed it, 2048. Simple, right? NO. It’s actually hard. It’s a strategy game, for sure. You have to figure out the way in which to move the tiles on the board that will benefit the increasing numbers without bombarding yourself with new 2s and 4s that pop up with every move you take. The highest tile I’ve gotten was 512 (aka, two away from the proverbial finish line). It’s going to be a long time before I get there again. Or not, considering how much I play it.

If you’re in the market or something other than Candy Crush to play on your commute, I’d try this out, for sure. Just don’t 2048 and drive.

Price: FREE
Grade: A


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