How About… Cupcakes!

To start this off, I give you this video to describe my mood:

Now that’s been settled, I’m pleased to announce I have decided to go back to my cupcake-making ways.

I started baking years ago with my good friend Kaitlyn a few years ago, as we both learned the ways of the cupcake under our other friend Margaret. Needless to say, we both got hooked pretty fast.


I soon became known as The Cupcake Girl at uni. (Seriously. I was introduced by friends with the tagline “she makes the best cupcakes!” or “she’s the one I was telling you about. you know, with the cupcakes”). My sorority actually gave me the position of Birthday Queen (yes, I know, how very sratty), and I decided it was then my obligation to make cupcakes for everyone’s birthdays. Which I did for a semester, but after jetting off to live in New Zealand I haven’t been baking to the same extent. Or, you know, at all.

DSCN4288_2(Lavender cupcakes w/ honey cream cheese frosting, topped w/ lavender and a honey drizzle.)

While I baked twice in New Zealand (once, making my signature Bailey’s cupcakes and later, apple pie cupcakes), I haven’t at all since I returned to the States. So, I’ve decided that I need to start baking again.

And I guess this is just here to indicate… that soon you will all (hopefully) see my first recipe post.


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