The Daily Routine

The Daily Routine
I’m not really a high maintenance person. Especially not when it comes to getting myself ready. But, especially since I chopped my hair off for this new pixie cut style I currently have, I’ve had to step up my game a bit. Granted, it still doesn’t take me a huge amount of time to get ready, but now I get to play around a little bit more.
For example, I’ve never bothered with bronzer before. But after a visit to Sephora and encountering an Estee Lauder sales rep (which puts the quantity of Estee Lauder products in context here), she showed me what I can actually achieve with it. I’ve also started playing with much darker lipstick, which I LOVE. I especially like the Dior Addict Extreme listed here and another Dior lipstick, the Rouge Dior in Prune Daisy. Because my hair is short, now, I also had to start using sculpting gel on the days that I look like Harry Styles. I use the Advanced Night Repair and Revitalising Supreme Estee Lauder tools respectively before I put on foundation, which helps my superdry skin actually look good and not like I’m slapping frosting on my face.
So these are the staples of when I feel like making myself extra-fancy (aka going out drinking or to the occasional classy university party). I think everything is pretty self-explanatory, and I feel confident saying I’d swear by these items. I make myself up for myself, and these are little helpful things that make me feel a bit more confident, especially on days that I really need it.
Or, you know, those days in winter when the only thing anyone can see aside from your Michelin Man-approved coat is your face.

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