Now that I’m on break from school, I’ve finally had no excuse to ignore my parents’ nagging and I’ve cleaned my room. Yes, I know how incredibly boring that sounds, but this is actually a big step. Here’s what (part of) the room looks like right now, post-cleanup:


I always have my head stuck in the future, so I’m constantly looking for things that aren’t relevant to my current life situation. For example, in eighth grade, I was looking into items I wanted for my college dorm room. In college, I started looking at things I wanted for a future apartment that I wouldn’t even need to truly start thinking about until my postgrad years (as my campus ensures on-campus housing all four years). Now, I’m even looking into the ways in which I want my future house to look (thanks, Houzz, for both making my free time wonderful and horrible as I realise how broke I really am). So, now that I’m not preoccupied with doing schoolwork and preparing for comps and graduation, I am, of course, thinking about all of the little items I might need for an apartment (more likely at present than a real house). But instead, I’m working on getting little new things for my newly renovated room!

My room’s still a work in progress, but for now, I’m very happy about the changes I’ve made. Especially considering I’m an unemployed college student, I’d definitely recommend anyone in a similar boat to look towards things you already have to redecorate a room, or even a wall. Small new things can definitely help push you to new ideas (like my scratch-off map indicating where I’ve been), but having a place to put up photographs, pamphlets and maps and various other things from my travels definitely helps inspire me to go on improving myself and to travel more!


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