I thought I’d share a few of my favorite YouTube videos to get things started off here. Here is a small sampling of the many varied videos I’ve found and loved over the years! Here’s a current top five videos I’ve found (in no particular order) that I hope will make you as happy and moved as they’ve made me.

5. Convos With My 2 Year Old

This video never ceases to make me laugh. While part of me is still somewhat creeped out by this conversation being held between an adult man as the two-year-old daughter, I can’t help but love this. Perhaps I’d appreciate it more if I was a parent myself, but regardless, I find this always makes me smile.

4. Cat Jumps to AWOLNATION’s “Sail”

While I was living abroad in New Zealand, one of the songs that my friends and I blasted during our road trips was AWOLNATION’s “Sail”. So, this combined with my adoration of cat videos made me cry from laughter.

3. First Kiss

While this video has sparked a great amount of debate and some anger as soon as it became viral, I can’t help but enjoy it. Yes, this may be an ad and these people may be models and not “regular” people, but it definitely demonstrates a sense of happiness and raw emotion forth. That, and it’s spawned what seems like an endless stream of parodies, several of which are definitely worth watching.

2. Cravendale’s Cats With Thumbs

I’ve already mentioned my love for cat videos, and this, to me, trumps many of them (albeit this being a professional version of a cat video). My second experience living abroad, in Dublin, I went to a theatre to see X-Men: First Class. This was one of the previews that came before it, and I can’t say I’ve found any ad that compares to it since. Definitely worth a watch or ten.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs to “Jaws” Music

THIS IS THE BEST. ANYONE WHO TELLS YOU OTHERWISE IS LYING. (Though I guess I have to disclose that I love Benedict Cumberbatch and John Williams music…)

There we go! I’ll try to post a video I find particularly glorious when I come across one. Or at least once a week. Enjoy, everyone!


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